A Career at Quiznos

Here at Quiznos, we have job opportunities available in both part- and full-time roles. Workers who seek a job in food preparation should apply online for restaurant crew member positions. Our Quiznos restaurant crew members carry out various food prep and sanitation responsibilities, as well as provide fantastic customer service. The United Kingdom division of the sub shop chain also consistently fills managerial roles. The minimum age for an applicant being considered by Quiznos is 16. Fill out an online job application for further details about work with the quick-service sub sandwich chain today.

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Joining Our Team

In order to receive hiring consideration for Quiznos jobs, applicants must complete all required employment forms. The hiring and interview process typically consists of face-to-face sessions with a manager. Most entry-level applicants participate in a single job interview. However, multiple interviews may prove necessary for employment. The most popular positions available at Quiznos restaurants include:

Restaurant Crew Members

Our Quiznos restaurant crew member jobs involve a range of customer service and food prep responsibilities. Normal days consist of preparing food, such as chopping vegetables, slicing cheeses and meats, washing produce, restocking food trays, making food to order, taking food and drink orders, and operating cash registers. Basic computer skills often prove necessary to use computerised cash registers. Other ideal traits of prospective associates include the ability to work in fast-paced settings, friendly, personable attitudes, and attention to detail. Quiznos regularly starts crew members out in part-time shifts offering minimum wage base pay.


Career opportunities in Quiznos management offer aspiring professionals ample opportunities to advance in the fast food industry. Job seekers looking for managerial work should take advantage of available shift manager and store manager positions. Each Quiznos location screens for shift managers and store managers to perform administrative tasks, like hiring and training new employees, managing shipments, placing food orders, delegating daily tasks, and supervising entry-level associates. Workers must generally meet the minimum age requirement of 18 and graduation from fifth- or sixth-year form schools. Experience in the fast food industry, or in a position of management, also plays a vital role in gaining employment with Quiznos as a manager. Shift managers earn an average of £9.00 an hour, depending on experience. Quiznos store managers often enjoy favourable salary options.

The Benefits

While the United States division of Quiznos offers comprehensive corporate benefits packages, work benefits available to Quiznos employees in the United Kingdom often vary due to franchising. General employment benefits offered at time of hire for both entry-level workers and seasoned professionals include discounts on food and drink, complimentary uniforms, flexible scheduling, and opportunities for career advancement. In addition to basic employee benefits, Quiznos UK locations often provide access to health and wellness programs and financial planning assistance. Common job benefits available to eligible associates include paid holiday, pension schemes, bonus schemes, healthcare options, and childcare vouchers. Complete and submit an online application form for more details on Quiznos UK employee benefits and receive immediate employment consideration from the fast food chain.

The Menu

Quiznos menus include typical sandwich chain offerings featuring hearty portions toasted under conveyer belt grills to customer specifications. The restaurant chain offers fresh baked breads, such as whole wheat, white, and flatbread. Customers may either personally create sandwiches to taste or choose from a sizeable menu featuring favourites like the Double Swiss Prime Rib sub, Bacon, Egg, and Cheddar Wrap, Classic Italian sub, Meatball sub, and Chicken Carbonara. Quiznos sells many sandwich offerings in wrap form. Large, highly filling salads overflowing with toppings like egg, chicken, bacon, peppers, tomatoes, onions, apples, and mandarin oranges also grace Quiznos menus. The fast-food chain also sells kid’s menu items, soups, desserts, soft drinks, and bottled water.

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